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Thread: Cable modem admin password

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    Cable modem admin password

    I recently had cable installed at home.
    Because I am paranoid e because I didnít had anyone at home at the time of installation I installed a screenloger to see what the cable guy was doing in my PC.
    That known and freedom of speech and privacy issues apart I catured 2 interesting screens:

    As I suspect the cable modem comes with a password so that I cant change any configurations. I paid for it its mine yet I cant change any config because it come with a password that prevents me from doing that.
    The password is generated buy a 3com program that takes 2 inputs the mac address and the serial number.
    The modem is a 3com Homeconnect (sharkfin) product number 3cr29221.
    It is configurable by a web interface that asks for that password.

    I donít have the password because the technician typed the mac address incorrectly and by the time he discovered that the modem had already registered to the cable network not needing any manual configuration.

    Does anyone have access to that program or programs from 3com so that I can check out the administration functions of MY modem.

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    Are you asking to break into the cable modem config file so you can change stuff? If so then this is the wrong place to do it. The isp does not want you editing thier cable modems. Leave it as is.

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    I dont want to change any isp stuff

    I dont want to change any isp stuff i just want access to the normal users stuuf wich i cant access because the default password has been changed.
    I paid for teh modem its mine so its only normal that i should have the password for it.

    If you bought a computer and the seller had a bios password woudnt you be pissed!!

    Hell i am!!

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    there is nothing internally that he could change that would hold

    there is nothing he could do to uncap/cap his modem with that password

    all caps are set by the cable company in the config files they pass to the modem

    having said that i am sorry i do not know how to change that, but i would ask anyone that did to please tell him there is nothing bad that could come from it

    you might also try calling 3com or you might try unplugging it and letting it totally discharge and then go and enter in the correct MAC ect

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    Try to contact your isp, but trust me do not use the password even if you know it. They can see who logs in and at what time.

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    I can't believe that the password has anything to do with access to the modem. More likely it has to do with access to their administrative system. This is the first mention I've seen in four forums devoted to this stuff.

    As was pointed out, there is nothing in the modem that you or he can change. there are some useful screens that give performance data, however.

    Try resetting the modem to factory defaults. There's a pushbutton somewhere.


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    this is the the only thing i could find on 3coms' site

    and who cares if you login or not................your isp surely does not i know that forsure....i did support for @Home

    there is nothing he could change in there that would make and differance

    the modem will get a config file from the network and that would override any changes the user might be able to make.............i do not believe they can change anything important anyway

    as stated before all caps are set by a config file that is totall out of the users control nomatter what password or pages they access on their modem

    so there is no harm in looking and the isp could careless and even if they could check that they do not have the time or manpower to do so even if they did care...which they do not

    LOOK AWAY...........hell even change will make no differance

    put it like this if the caps were set in the modem config files by the installer then this forum would be full of stories of HEY I BRIBED THE INSTALLER ECT...this is the USA money talks

    but alas we see no such stories because there is nothing the installer can do to change caps

    i posted the way to change your caps the other day and everyone went crazy................i think speedguide likes the myth to keep going because it brings in fresh foolish eyes looking for the magic uncapper that only THEY and their lazy ass will find while all the other 4.5 million cable users go through life not knowing it.............................YEA RIGHT :2cool:

    here is the link on how to do it

    here is a link to someone that needs to get a life

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    i dont want to uncap may modem

    I dont want to uncap may modem. Not that i dont want but i dont need it all that much.
    The primary problem with my cable operator is that it limits my monthly trafic.

    I want to access the cable modem as admin beacause sometimes they have som special feature like nat .....

    I know that elsa cable modems come with a small router that needs to be activated with a admin password....

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    try by puting admin as a password or the name of the person who went to your house if you remember his name tyr the seirals the MAC thing try installer go with the basic if it does not work tyr by opening the modem there you should find some kind of switch BUT IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IS THAT FOR DO NOT DO IT or you can look for some kind of cracker on the web you ll fin at least one

    admin worked with my router


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    I could try a http password cracker

    I was thinking of trying a http password cracker.
    Does anyone now if this type of modem has a lock option to prevent from such type of brute force atack.

    I know what type of charaters and the size of the password and have a 10 mbs link to it cant take to long to crack the dam thing.

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    didnt work

    The modem has a slow server (of course) and it would take 3 centuries to try all the possibilities.

    hell i tried.


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